Dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria ))) t(-.-t) ((( welcome to my head.
))) d(>_<)b (((
-Jason Nevermind )))DJ4AM(((

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S#!T I PLAY AT THE BAR WHEN IT'S EMPTY )))SOUL((( by Dj4am on Mixcloud

BIZZARO MOTOWN MIXXX )))LIVE&@BATHROBE BOOGIE((( 7-3-14 by Dj4am on Mixcloud

Make 'em make 'em make 'em Rap 2 This )))Instrumentalz((( by Dj4am on Mixcloud

THE LADYKILLAZ PT.2 )))LIVE @ DOUBLE DUTCH SF((( by Dj4am on Mixcloud

MAKE 'EM MAKE 'EM MAKE 'EM RAP 2 DI$$$ V2 by Dj4am on Mixcloud

On that flyer hustle…

T.I.M.E with DJ4AM & DJ George Blenda happens every Sunday night @ 8pm @ The Double Dutch

Double Trouble with DJ Marloca, DJ4AM & special guests happens every 2nd & 3rd Tuesday @ Delirium

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